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  • Stainless steel laser welding

    Stainless steel laser welding

ProDynamics is the industry leader in mobile laser welding

Extreme Precision and Low Heat Affected Zones

The combination of our specialized mobile laser welding technology and years of experience has made us experts in the field. We have done thousands of welds for clients in a variety of industries. When you contact us for a repair, you can expect quality work, efficiency, and a customer experience that’ll leave you happy you called.

Cracked, chipped, worn, damaged, or failed parts? The way you weld matters, and when you’re working with mission-critical equipment in the nuclear and aerospace fields, there is no room for error. The heat used in traditional welding causes strain and weakens metal in and around the heat affected zone. The heat in a laser is concentrated enough to create very precise welds with little to no heat affected zone, making laser welding the perfect method for fusing parts made of metal or thermoplastic. The tiniest warp or dent in your equipment can cause a major malfunction. Laser welding, as opposed to traditional welding, uses a very low heat input in order to minimize strain and warping. With revisions performed and repairs made, laser welding is the best choice to repair delicate or small parts, large or small tooling, castings, 3D printed metal parts, damaged shafts, rotating assemblies, or engineering changes.

Our mobile laser welding service eliminates the need to transport large and costly tooling and goes where traditional welding can’t. Not only do we bring the repairs to you, but we work with rods as little as .002” and can magnify up to 10x in order to see and repair the smallest defects. With the latest in laser welding technology, welds can be positioned wherever you need them, using a microscope to place them and perform the weld with extreme precision.

Why ProDynamics?

Tooling issues can stop your business in its tracks, but ProDynamics can get you back to full operation in no time. Don’t wait. Give ProDynamics a call today and find out how mobile laser welding can benefit your business.

Routine maintenance packages available! Schedule today for monthly tool maintenance. Why not lower the wear rate on your high volume tools? Schedule ahead for a one-day maintenance service that allows us to fix worn out parting line, checking, or other major defects to increase the life of your tool and reduce the overall need for frequent preventative maintenance costs and down time.

No need to ship large tools, we come to you!

We offer demos to anyone interested!

For quick turnaround and high accuracy, call us today!


Benefits of Using ProDynamics:

  • A very small heat affected zone during weld
  • Ability to easily position welds exactly where you need them
  • The versatility of welding of very small, thin, and delicate metal parts
  • A wide range of metals that can be welded
  • High level of precision with microscope
  • Consistency and repeat-ability
  • We come to you! All work is completed on site!


ProDynamics Mobile Services

ProDynamics offers onsite mobile laser welding and various processes to provide solutions for your business. Recognized as one of the only portable laser welding solutions in the Midwest, we serve unprecedented quality work 24/7, quick turnaround times and exceptional techniques.

We believe this is the future of die repair. Don't hassle with packaging and shipping finished parts, we will come to you and do the job on site.

Mobile Laser Welding

Mobile Laser welding applies quick, precise, and accurate welds with extremely low heat input. Our machine is also designed to create a magnified view of the product and move in any direction needed in order to get into difficult spaces. We work with as little as .002” rods and can create material buildup in a few short passes with no pre or post heating. Eliminating any kind of stress or warping of the material is our highest priority

Mobile Laser welding has many different applications, including but not limited to: Aerospace, Automotive, Battery, Dental, Electronics, Filtration, Heating/Cooling, Hobby, Industrial, Jewelry, Military, Medical Devices, Plastics, R&D, and much more.

Mobile Micro Welding

Mobile Micro TIG Welding (Pulse Arc welding) is a microscopic process for welding parts that cannot be welded with normal TIG welding. Due to heat input and warping, undergoing normal TIG welding is not applicable. With our state of the art machinery and specialized equipment, capable of dropping to 1/10 of an amp with a stable arc, Micro TIG welding uses filler wires ranging from .005" to .035". With this process, intricate welds can be performed while depositing very precise amounts of weld material. Subsequently, allowing weld buildups to occur which can be as small as .005".

Mold & Die Repair

Tool and die welding repair with TIG welding is a specialty niche critical to the maintenance and repair of tools, dies, molds and inserts. The TIG process is used in die welding because operators can finely control the amount and location of deposited weld metal well as heat input. Tool and die welding typically involves building a damaged or over-machined surface up past its original plane so that it can be machined back to its original tolerances.

Due To The Lower Heat Input, Mobile Micro TIG Welding Introduces Less Stress On Individual Parts

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