ProDynamics Headquarters

About ProDynamics

At ProDynamics, our mission is to provide quality services our customers can count on to ensure they comeback and recommend us to others in need of our services.

We offer services for mobile laser welding as well as pulse arc or cold welding. If you are looking for mobile laser welding services, we have versatile equipment that we bring to you, we set our equipment up on site to save you the trouble of shipping finished parts in need of small repairs.

LET US COME TO YOU! We service all of Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.

Our equipment is designed to be transported and set up on your site, at your convenience.

Mobile laser welding applies quick, precise, and accurate welds with extremely low heat input. Our laser welder is also designed to create a magnified view of the product and move in any direction needed in order to get into difficult spaces. We work with as little as .002” rods and can create material buildup in a few short passes with no pre or post heating. Eliminating any kind of stress or warping of the material is our highest priority.