Laser Welding Services


ProDynamics offers laser welding and various processes to provide solutions for your damaged mold surfaces. Our headquarters is conveniently located in Southeast Michigan and houses a 40 ton crane for your largest projects.

With the latest in laser welding equipment our systems offer the flexibility needed to get the hard-to-reach areas. After the welding has been completed we offer the option to handwork and polish the weld back to whatever finish is required to get the tool back up and running right away.

If there is not time to tear your tool down and ship it to us, we can bring our equipment to you. ProDynamics has built a reputation for being the industry leader in mobile laser welding services. No matter if the tool is located in the press or not we can come on site and make the repair and get you back up and running in no time. Give one of our locations a call to learn more about our mobile capabilities.

For quick turnaround and high accuracy, call us today!

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Laser Welding Services:

  • As small as .002” rods used

  • 10x magnification with flexible movement

  • No stress or warping material

  • Minimum heat input

  • Generally no pre or post heating

Laser welding has many different applications, including but not limited to: Aerospace, Automotive, Battery, Dental, Electronics, Filtration, Heating/Cooling, Hobby, Industrial, Jewelry, Military, Medical Devices, Plastics, R&D, and much more.

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Photo & Video Gallery

laser welding

ProDynamcis was hired to laser weld these stainless steel parts together without introducing high heat. It is important these parts do not warp due to heat input since the function of the parts relies on the the top being concentric to the bottom.

This image shows a fillet weld that was made using our laser welding system and as you can see the stainless steel is not discolored because we were able to precisely control the heat input ensuring perfect concentricity verified by a CMM machine.

Stainless steel laser welding

ProDynamics laser welding

This is the process we used to Laser Weld some parts that were machined by a customer of mine. In this video we show one way to go about lining parts up that do not require critical fitment, usually in this line of work we have slip fit parts that must be aligned within the thousandths of an inch. Laser Welding Stainless Steel at ProDynamics Laser Welding Services.

Laser Welding Services