Mobile Laser Welding That Comes to YOU!


Tired of transporting large molds and dies for repairs? Need a company that understands micro welding and also has the means to travel? Here at ProDynamics, we strive to maximize the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your business, and make your life easier in the process. How, you may wonder? We come to you! With our new state of the art Mobile Laser Welder, we have the means to travel and work on site. Our mobility takes the strain off of clients by eliminating their need to transport materials and related remuneration. At ProDynamics, we work hard every day to ensure quality work at an affordable price.

Mobile laser welding applies quick, precise, and accurate welds with extremely low heat input. Our laser welder is also designed to create a magnified view of the product and move in any direction needed in order to get into difficult spaces. We work with as little as .002” rods and can create material buildup in a few short passes with no pre or post heating. Eliminating any kind of stress or warping of the material is our highest priority.

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Laser Welding Services:

  • As small as .002” rods used

  • 10x magnification with flexible movement

  • No stress or warping material

  • Minimum heat input

  • Generally no pre or post heating

Mobile laser welding has many different applications, including but not limited to: Aerospace, Automotive, Battery, Dental, Electronics, Filtration, Heating/Cooling, Hobby, Industrial, Jewelry, Military, Medical Devices, Plastics, R&D, and much more.

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