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  • Gouged & Laser Welded

    Gouged & Laser Welded

  • Surface Repair

    Surface Repair

ProDynamics offers onsite mobile laser welding and various processes to provide solutions for your business. Recognized as one of the only portable laser welding solutions in the Midwest, we serve unprecedented quality work 24/7, quick turnaround times and exceptional techniques.

We believe this is the future of die repair. Don't hassle with packaging and shipping finished parts, we will come to you and do the job on site.

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Benefits of Using ProDynamics:

  • A very small heat affected zone during weld
  • Ability to easily position welds exactly where you need them
  • The versatility of welding of very small, thin, and delicate metal parts
  • A wide range of metals that can be welded
  • High level of precision with microscope
  • Consistency and repeat-ability
  • We come to you! All work is completed on site!

Our comprehensive knowledge of polishing allows us to meet the standards of your company and your customers. We offer the option to restore the surface back to the desired finish after we remove and replace the damaged material. Our state of the art laser welding systems allows us to color match and grain match without leaving behind any witness of a repair being made.